Session 52

Redesigning the trajectory: the contribution of research to the development of resilient Livestock Farming Systems and their role to climate change and biodiversity

Session type: Theme session

Chair(s): Ioanna Poulopoulou, Enrico Sturaro

The aim of the session is to explore the concept of resilient livestock farming systems as affected and impacted by climate change and the role of animal efficiency and biodiversity in shaping a new environment in livestock and food production. This can be achieved at different scales: i) animal, ii) farm and iii) system level. Work is sought that focuses on the use of agroecological approaches and/or the use of indicators, on feed use, animal effectiveness, smart technologies and the role of interdisciplinarity in tackling climate impacts and promoting sustainable livestock farming systems. The session will present output from European projects that address resilience and sustainability of LFS with different approaches and will accept submission of studies on adaptation and mitigation strategies.